Frederick Family Photography
Eron & Erin

Frederick Family Photography

Married in 2010, Erin and Eron Frederick bring to you some of the digital photographs they have taken over the past two decades.

Erin has spent extensive time living on both Guam and Hawaii. Most of her photographs from Guam were film based and lost through multiple moves. But having lived in these beautiful places further fired her love of photography and nature. She now does most of her photography with digital cameras, so it is easier to share.

Eron has traveled to both Afghanistan and Iraq in support of both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. During his time at both places, he was able to further explore his love of photography and gain the equipment he had dreamed of to explore it more in depth.

Erin and Eron hope you enjoy what you see and will check back on a regular basis to purchase what you like and see their progress as they grow.

Bio Photo By: Christina Lawrie

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